1.  How Do I Sign Up?

Step 1:  Register at International Junior Miss International Office


Step 2:  Pay a minimum of 1/2 of your Kentucky Entry Fee. You may also sign up for any Optional's and/or pay you Miscellaneous fees

Step 3:  Read our Delegate Handbook and stay tuned for our Informational Meetings

Step 4:  Enjoy the sisterhood of International Junior Miss!

2.  How Much Does it Cost?

For our state pageant, your mandatory fees are $35 to Register at the International Office, $400 for the Kentucky State Entry Package, $35 for your opening number T-Shirt is included in the package price, and $50 for the Scholarship Fund that is awarded to the winning queens.


Tickets are can be purchased at the door.  In addition, we have a variety of optional contests, you can learn more about them on our Areas of Competition Page.

3. Is IJM a Good First Pageant?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!  Though International Junior Miss attracts seasoned pageant girls, it is the PERFECT pageant for the first time competitor too!  Make sure you attend our informational meetings to learn more about wardrobe, interviews, and optional competitions. Can't make our meetings? We'll also have videos in our Delegate section from Internationals so you can see our actual contestants on stage!  From Princess to Miss (4-24), first time contestants have won IJM State Titles and Internationals!  No matter how you place, IJM will help you develop life skills in poise, personal presentation, and interview.  And the best part are the friendships you will make.  Don't be nervous, IJM is the perfect first pageant!

4.  What are the International Fees?

A delegate that wins her title via a state pageant also wins her $495 entry fee paid to the International Finals.  There is an International Package fee of three easy payments of $250 each. The International Package includes a full page feature in the program book, a complimentary copy of the program book, the $100 scholarship fee donation and a souvenir t-shirt.

5. Does IJM have a Non-Compete Clause?

At the state level, we do have a non compete clause. However, we do allow competing after the International Pageant comes to an end and in small things such as county fairs or festivals. You must receive written permission prior to participating in any pageant to ensure no conflicts and are granted approval. We do reserve the right to put IJM first and say no. We do not give permission to compete in any pageant that will or could  inhibit a crowned state delegate to represent their title at the International Finals OR complete their reign as a state/international queen.  You may not compete in any other national level pageant between Jan 1, 2018 and our 2018 International Finals should you win. Each Crowned Queen will receive a booklet of information to help guide her through her reign. IJM is a prestigious pageant and having too many titles at one time can keep you from performing your best at the International level. Your focus and commitment as a titleholder at IJM KY is important.  If you already hold another title coming into the pageant in most cases you are okay. If you are unsure on a rule please always reach out to us with questions. 

Example for KY: You may compete in county fair pageants with written permission from your state director. We offer an online form you can submit. 

6. Is IJM a Glitz Pageant?

IJM is not a glitz pageant.  We're a naturally polished pageant.  We are looking for girls that are well put together, well spoken and confident. This is what IJM girls represent.

7. What are the makeup rules for girls ages 4-12?

Contestants ages 4 – 9 years are not allowed to wear make-up during interview competition. Only lip gloss will be permitted. Contestants ages 10 –12 may wear light natural make-up for Interview. All Jr Divisions (Ages 4-12) are allowed to wear light natural make-up under the harsh lights during stage competitions. 

8. For Interview, is there a Resume or "All About Me" sheet?

There are no resumes or any type of sheet that is required to be turned in for the interview competition.  The judges are just going to spend time having a pleasant conversation with each delegate to get to know them a little better.  There are no political or religious questions that are asked.  Because the interview will be about getting to know the delegate, there are no "wrong" answers.  


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